Digital Media : whats next on the roadmap

Digital Media : whats next on the roadmap

Hello everybody,

For a change I opened my notebook and logged in Linkedin only to find interesting anecdotes on Digital. Being a digital media evangelist , its pretty happening to see Digital all over and the benefit it bundles along.

The advantages being the niche, cost effective and responsive engagement in a sharp contrast to the conventional media.

However as someone who practices Digital media often,I am intrigued enough as to what does the future hold ?

Take a moment and think . Some of you might say, the world belongs to mobile and the app interface !! With more than 900 million consumers in India itself, Mobile would definitely stand up to be an integrated and advanced advertising medium, not to miss the vast and densely populated app ecosystem that eventually would challenge or may be abolish the conventional (electronic media).

Wearables like the Samsung gear and Google glass are already on the shelves. Would these change our experiences with gadgets forever ?

What more do we look at ? Do we talk about technologies such as NFC that redefine and reinvent things such as Mobile wallet or Apple’s ibeacons that would be a game changer for many industries, be it retail, travel or hospitality ?

In my next feature, I would talk about the same.

Till then here’s an interesting video to watch from ADG that was aired at ADtech this season :

I would love a feedback on my story towards an attempt to better the next time :)

Win the day !!

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