Five tactics that would govern social media in 2014

Five tactics that would govern social media in 2014

A compelling and result-oriented social media strategy is developed with an intelligent blend of trends and analysis of social media. It should incorporate the prevailing trends and statistics of market analysis.

Here are the five things that change pace and rule the roost in the social media map strategy

1) Google+ will emerge high as social network: Although, most of the marketers are still uncertain about the future of G+, ADG’s research has concluded its upsurge this year. The active profiles on G+ will acquire best search engine ranks and stronger online presence.

2) Social Media will become a marketplace: This year, social media will come up as a shopping place from where consumers will make a great amount of shopping.

3) Facebook will form bigger picture: It has been concluded by various researchers that Facebook will die this year onwards. But, they must be ignoring active 1.19 billion members. Facebook is flooded with advertisers and promoters, which are continuously multiplying to bolster its growth. ADG’s research has concluded that the amount spent on Facebook will further increase this year.

4) Video-visual treat will be catalystVideos will be the invincible tools of marketing & promotion in social media. Undoubtedly, visual and dynamic expressions are more effective in communicating a message to consumers. In this tech dominating era, when we can browse videos anywhere, this strategy will be productive for all business regions.

5) Content Optimization and Marketing: Content optimization and marketing will be the backbone of social media marketing. According to statistics of ADG’s research, 30% of companies rated content marketing as important in 2012, which uplifted to 41% in 2013. It is also to be noted that in 2014 marketers will have to talk beyond the information on digital media. Information is already streaming in the market, but to rise above, marketers need to talk beyond information.

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